It was all in the face you said
and all you needed to be certain was
just one look

which we had already had but you
could really come to love me one

so in the absence of butterflies
you held me close, and I wondered if
it mattered.

Atlas (U.A. Fanthorpe)

There is a kind of love called maintenance,
Which stores the WD40 and knows when to use it;

Which checks the insurance, and doesn’t forget
The milkman; which remembers to plant bulbs;

Which answers letters; which knows the way
The money goes; which deals with dentists

And Road Fund Tax and meeting trains,
And postcards to the lonely; which upholds

The permanently rickety elaborate
Structures of living; which is Atlas.

And maintenance is the sensible side of love,
Which knows what time and weather are doing
To my brickwork; insulates my faulty wiring;
Laughs at my dryrotten jokes; remembers
My need for gloss and grouting; which keeps
My suspect edifice upright in the air,
As Atlas did the sky.


Had I told the sea
What I felt for you,
It would have left its shores,
Its shells,
Its fish,
And followed me.
— Nizar Qabbani


It’s like quicksand (this negative tension): the harder I try to diffuse it, the worse it gets. (Intent on hearing things I haven’t said and seeing signs that aren’t there) it’s as if everything I do only serves to exasperate the situation. I suspect it is time I reacquaint myself with the simple truth that you can’t be everybody’s friend and that sometimes it really is best to look right through someone and tell yourself they aren’t there.


“All I hear is raindrops,
and I’m
officially missing you.”

— Tamia


It is far too easy to overlook the solitary raindrop. Not until it falls in a long period of drought do we truly learn to appreciate its life saving qualities.


Without ever realising I was cold, suddenly there it was - this flame, burning brightly and pulling me into its delicious warmth. And just like that, my days had been reduced to an exercise in how not to end up scorched and crumpled at your feet.


“And I began to let him go. Hour by hour. Days into months. It was a physical sensation, like letting out the string of a kite. Except that the string was coming from my center.”

— Augusten Burroughs, You Better Not Cry


I think relationships in general are over romanticized like at the end of the day I’m pretty sure a good relationship is just two people who know how to hang out and talk to each other not whether or not they can right all your wrongs or paint a picture of a thousand suns with the breath from your lungs or some shit


“Sometimes you can spend too long on a onesided love.”

— Mrs Patmore, Downton Abbey

21st October 2014

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So, do yourself a favor: Step up. No more excuses. No more justifications. No blaming. No quitting. Just pick your head up. Rip the cords out of your ears. Grab the frickin’ pencil and let’s do this.

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Frankly, I think that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says that about Bruno Mars. They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life and no one raises a red flag there.

taylorswift​ is a boss.

From this video interview.

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Your soul knew my soul
long before we needed skin
to spend a life in.


17th October 2014

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Be a source of gentleness, kindness, morality and peace in an era of madness.
Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar (via islamicrays)

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15th October 2014

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Asking for help is a radical act of self-support. It takes courage but the reward is immense.
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Sometimes when you meet someone there’s a click. I don’t believe in love at first sight but I believe in that click.
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